The Covid Caper

Long time friend, Monty Pelerin (NDP), author, businessman, professor (ret.), and blogger posted "The Covid Caper" at his Economic Noise website. Anyone interested in the soft-pedaled but ongoing effects of the COVID "epidemic" - and that should be everyone everywhere - would be well served and informed reading it.


The entire episode is tragic. It produces some obvious questions, of which the following represent but a few:

  • Why have the origins of the disease not been properly investigated?
  • Why has the incompetence of the government reaction to it been investigated (unnecessary deaths from putting infected patients into nursing homes for example, mask fiascos, shutting down businesses and schools, etc.)?
  • Why were inexpensive and low-risk medical responses (ivermectin, etc.) banned?
  • Why was a monetary incentive put into the medical industry to overstate the true number of Covid deaths?

Read it here.



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