Now For Something Completely Different

 For quite some time I've threatened to start one of these. That makes me a tad late to the party since - at last count - there are alleged to be over 800,000 of these suckers ahead of me.

Oh well...

Since the world and its vehicular handbasket have picked up speed on its way to the fabled Nethreaches, it convinced me to "get busy podcasting or get busy not podcasting" (apologies to The Shawshank Redemption).

"Now For Something Completely Different" (h/t Monty Python) will attempt, in mercifully short gasps, to present and discuss Current Events and other issues from a (wait for it)...completely different perspective. Considering the 800,000 other pods vying for credibility and attention, this may be too great a challenge to take on with any hope of success. But, inasmuch as 'success' has been elusive my entire broadcasting career, why should this be approached any differently? Still a little rough around the edges, but at least that indicates Improvement is on the way (ETA problematic).


Here's the link to our 2nd effort (the 1st is loitering in posterity). Post whatever ribald comments as you feel compelled. Naturally, nasty, negative, derogatory ones will be promptly dispatched to the Delete In Hell file they so richly deserve...



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