The Wizards of Woo-Woo

 Here is an entertaining, informative and compelling piece on the COVID 'plandemic' and the Wizards of Woo-Woo who perpetrated it. Even if you are beyond the Covid Crap, El Gato Malo writes a damn good piece for future reference.



"the “experts” were reared on woo-woo. they had never been in a real ring with real techniques and real people who came from spaces where you had to be right, not tenured and where nobody cares about your credentials or your shiny job title or kowtowed to getting grant moolah to run your study and have a career. they cared about whether you could impose order on data, make meaningful predictions, and support your claims in open debate.

the early clashes were telling.

i was astonished, over and over, when engaging with people who ran departments at universities and government agencies to find they lacked basic grounding in stats and often in science. many had barely read the works of their own space or done so so selectively as to amount to the same thing.

and the wizards of woo-woo did what they always do:......" (click here for the rest of the story)


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