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The Other Mothers...

Mother's Day, 2022 To The Other Mothers... Some marriages don’t work. Mothers and fathers split. Mom gets the kids. Dad re-marries and the Step-Mother is created. Aside from childbirth, it’s fair to say the Step-Mother has as hard – if not harder – job as mom. The Step-Mother must endure the rip-tides of intense emotions, the hurts and pains from a ruptured family, trauma, resentment, rivalries that inevitably infest the relationship no matter how hard she may try. Under the best of circumstances, it’s rare the Step-Mother receives a fair compensation of love, respect, appreciation, and inclusion she's earned from the children she’s inherited.  Putting aside the pain only she can feel, she tries. She endures. Too often, she suffers in silence for the sake of their father, dissed by the children, resented by the “ex”, she struggles to maintain peace in her ‘extended family’ as best she can, requiring super-human inner strength, and sacrifices no one else will ever know. From wh

Hard to find...

 ...harder to read. Friend Monty Pelerin posts an astounding article that has been - unsurprisingly - censored by FB, Twitter and the usual suspects. For that reason alone, it needs to be read and distributed widely. "False information" being censored as "false information" may be the most serious action trending in media and government today. Read "Unsafe Vaccine" here. BW