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Heavy Lifting Done Here

Much - if not all - of the heavy lifting in researching the minutia of the laws, regulations, orders, and directives that monkey-wrench the gears of Liberty is done away from the klieg lights of the MSM. Without the blow-dried bally-hoo of the Evening News or the WaPoNYTAP 'news' syndicate, most of the really important stuff goes unnoticed. Ignorance of facts - and the apathy toward their significance - is the greatest contribution to the continuing erosion of Freedom in America.  Below is a little read, little-known article that, if given its just rewards, would be fueling constructive conversations across the country. Share with your friends and it might reach its potential. BW  " The basic goal of the architects, which has been achieved, was to set up legal conditions in which all governing power in the United States could be automatically transferred from the citizens and the three Constitutional branches into the two hands of the Health and Human Services Secretary, e

Carlin and Politics

Over the centuries, America has been blessed with more than its fair share of comedians. The exceptional ones often made their name harpooning politicians and politics in general. It’s fair to say some of the best of those skewers were more expert in Irony, Cynicism, and Sarcasm than knee-slapping, pie-in-the-face comedy. Quoting Saul Alinsky, “Ridicule is man’s most potent weapon.” especially when aimed at all things Political. Nowhere is there a better, bigger target-rich environment. In his final years, George Carlin (1937-2008) rose from Top 40 DJ and TV’s “Hippy-Dippy Weatherman” to the pinnacles of popularity, foremost among those who could speak unvarnished Truth to Power and get belly-laughs, standing O’s and serious respect for his words and insights. Some of his best lines have become scripture describing the tawdry reality of politics, politicians and The Elite. Possibly his most notorious and prescient… “They don’t want a population of citizens capable of critical thinking