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What is the Most Important Word?

What is the Most Important Word?

In a recent YTBPF* Poll, the result from among all respondents was a virtual tie:

Love 49%

Hope 49%

Faith 1%

Rambilicus 1%

*Yet To Be Paid For

Remarkably, out of the 5,298,812 polled, not one mentioned the correct answer! This in itself is an indictment of our society and a leading indicator of how things became FUBAR, to borrow a popular acronym.

For those still wondering, our Most Important Word is:


You are most likely proving its status right now by asking “Why” is “Why” our Most Important Word?

Why that’s quite simple. Without “why”, Ignorance would abound, even more ubiquitous than it is already; Aggressive Ignorance has already reached pandemic proportions rivaling the Dreaded COVID – but at least “AI” has a cure: Facts.

Without ‘Why”, we miss knowing the most important answers. Where, When, Who and How don’t hold a candle to “Why”; in fact, most are one-answer specific.

Example: Where did Covid come from? China. When was it discovered? 2019. Who developed it? Doctors and Scientists. What is it? One in a family of viruses that causes respiratory illness.

But the most important question – still unanswered – is “Why”? Why would any doctor or group of virologists believe they were compelled to conscientiously and diligently work to create something that “does not occur in Nature” and, once manipulated and distributed, could wipe out the human race?

We know Who the monsters are who bludgeoned Freedom, Liberty, Logic, Reason into submission. We know the names and faces of the political sociopaths responsible for the murder of tens of thousands of elderly with their illegal Edicts and immoral Mandates. We even know the Where, When, and How.  But Why? Why would seemingly normal people inexplicably morph into homicidal maniacs – and enjoy it?

Lord Byron Acton’s famous quote “Power corrupts; absolute power corrupts absolutely” comes to mind.

But, for the Fauci’s, Cuomo’s, Whitmer’s, Newsome’s, Biden’s, and the rest of the sordid politicians and 'leaders', Power, and its unavoidable Corruption have no discernable consequences like those suffered by the Average Citizen. All those mentioned still enjoy the Lives of the Rich and Famous. While businesses suffered and closed, occupations eliminated, loved ones died, families ruined, those responsible haven’t missed a paycheck, a vacation, a holiday gathering, dining out with friends; they travel with impunity, blithely declaring their station is their ‘natural immunity to the restrictions, rules, and regulations developed by them, then imposed with force on the rest of us.

Where is the principle of ‘...equal before the Law? What happened to “…and Justice for all”?

Why do 350 million souls allow a few hundred “officials” to trample the inalienable rights they swore an Oath to uphold and protect?

Why opens the door to find answers as well as solutions.

Why not ask?

Why will take us as far as our curiosity, intellect, and courage can handle.



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