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Busy Busy Busy

I know. I know. I said I'd do better. More posts. Timely. Frequent. Relevant. Despite the pavement of Best Intentions, that Work thingy keeps interrupting.

Enough excuses cum explanations. On to the Stuff:

Caught another repulsive segment of the Jackass Show last week. The Ultimate Ego was reading his fan mail and got chastised by a viewer (gasp! someone sullied the Holy of Hollies?!). His response was totally, factually historically wrong. When coupled with the trumpeting of being The Number One News Commentary Show On Cable For 12 Years (or something similar), one can imagine the number of misled, misinformed individuals who heard this drivel. Coming from Mr. I-Went-To-Harvard, how many went to bed thinking what they heard was correct - and therefore deluded into thinking the All-Powerful Government and Supreme Robes had done the Constitutionally correct thing?
Calling  on the Greater Authority from Another Source, I sent the package to friend, author, teacher .Thomas E. Woods, Jr.. Tom nailed him with this response.

Moving right along...

Check out  this vid taken during a recent "weather event" in Ohio. Lots of spitten-sparkiin and louden-boomin  courtesy of Toledo Edison and Ma Nature!

If you never have, never will read anything having to do with current events, life in America, Where Are We Going or other such focused material, read this, a most remarkable, on-point, succinct piece I wish I had written.

A little off the usual topic(s), couldn't resist sending this along. If you've had it with wimpy gas cans for the lawn mower, tractor, ATV, RV - whatever, check these jerry cans! No, I'm not making anything off this; just a headzup on a really cool item that just might come in handy. I fill 'em up to re-fuel the boat. Waaay easier than taking the boat out of the water, towing to a gas station, back to the water. By then, the truck has burned up the savings from buying at a marina! Even without the boat, having 20 gallons on hand for whatever (see latest gas station power outages), these are damn handy, sturdy and well-made. And with Free Shipping! WOO-HOO! Don't forget to order a spout or two - unless you have a damn good funnel collection!

More to come. Really. Seriously. Promise. Before Christmas even!


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