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Here's some prose for those of you in broadcasting today - or wish you were - or are happy you're not.

 What Ayn Rand might say about our industry...

They ordered us to do the Difficult with nothing but Our Talent -- and we did it.
Then they demanded we accomplish the Impossible with nothing but Our Talent -- and we did it.
Then they commanded us to do the Irrational with nothing but Our Talent -- and we did that, too.
The tragedy of our time, our industry, became the symbiosis between their impossible demands and our naive willingness -- eagerness! -- to rise to the challenge, to demonstrate the magnificent power of Our Talent, led to their conclusion -- their expectation -- that we would continue to work the Miracle of Accomplishment, regardless of the withdrawal -- or refusal -- of the resources necessary to sustain the strength and durability of Our Talent.

Eventually, conclusively, they expected more and more from less and less until they demanded we produce Everything out of nothing -- and be grateful for the "opportunity" to pour ourselves out for the Directors who maintained their expense accounts, benefit plans, Golden Parachutes, and lofty salaries while denying paper clips or rubber bands or overtime to those deemed blessed to be drawing a paycheck, however meager. A hollow form letter of their undying "Appreciation for All you do" was the most they would give and the best we could expect.

Then, basking in the glow of the miracles produced by Our Talent, the Directors succumbed to the Siren's Delusion that they, with their Orders, had actually accomplished the Impossible themselves; that the serfs of Talent were mere line-item expenses to be reduced ad absurdium to sustain the status of the Directors: "We'll get someone cheaper, and better!"
Alas, there came the time there were no Purveyors of Talent who would produce miracles for free anymore.

And so our industry - and our art - collapsed into a bottomless pool of mediocrity and died the ignominious death of indifference.

*This piece was written by Brian Wilson, nationally known talk show host whose talents are currently being wasted in Toledo, OH,
inspired by Atlas Shrugged, by Ayn Rand.
If you haven't already, read the book; it's life-changing.


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