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About Revolution…a recent conversation

Him: “Ya know, leading up to 1776, there was a lot of thinking and discussion and compromise before they felt the need to start shooting.” Me: “Right – but all those considerations were only debated among the few intellectually adroit. Like today, the Majority didn’t know or didn’t want to know. Today, you can see them waving their “Ignorance Is Bliss” flags or sporting their “Yawn for Apathy” bumper stickers.” Him: “Well, I maintain that the forces for goodwill ultimately win out.” Me: “If you believe those “forces of goodwill” exist within Government and will solve the problems caused by Government is naïve at best, and dangerous at worst . To believe those “forces” exist outside Government is to endorse Revolution – not that there’s anything wrong with that - although historically, Revolution doesn’t assume peaceful solutions. Governments don’t abide Revolutions of any flavor; people will be killed.” Him: “What we need is for Donald Trump or one of his acolytes with his values and i
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Here Come Da Judge - Again!

My friend and colleague, Judge Andrew Napolitano, invited me back to his podcast  t o discuss my "Name Two Things" piece (below) . 

What is the Most Important Word?

What is the Most Important Word? In a recent YTBPF* Poll, the result from among all respondents was a virtual tie: Love 49% Hope 49% Faith 1% Rambilicus 1% *Yet To Be Paid For Remarkably, out of the 5,298,812 polled, not one mentioned the correct answer! This in itself is an indictment of our society and a leading indicator of how things became FUBAR, to borrow a popular acronym. For those still wondering, our Most Important Word is: Why You are most likely proving its status right now by asking “Why” is “Why” our Most Important Word? Why that’s quite simple. Without “why”, Ignorance would abound, even more ubiquitous than it is already; Aggressive Ignorance has already reached pandemic proportions rivaling the Dreaded COVID – but at least “AI” has a cure: Facts. Without ‘Why”, we miss knowing the most important answers. Where, When, Who and How don’t hold a candle to “Why”; in fact, most ar

About Baba Dioum

Does the name Baba Dioum strike a familiar note? Dioum, 84, a Senegalese forestry engineer, authored one of the greatest insights into human nature during a 1968 speech in New Delhi on – of all things - Agricultural Development. “In the end, we will conserve only what we love, we will love only what we understand and we will understand only what we’re taught.” It’s amazing how much human nature can be revealed in a speech on agriculture conservation. His summary observation reveals a compelling question. If we “understand only what we’re taught”, who is our “teacher”? To instruct us all the way to “the end”, such an instructor would have to be our constant companion, every day, everywhere, anywhere, all the time – 24-7-365. Who could that be? Our parents oversee us 20 years or so; school teachers 6, 12, 18 years tops but, even then, for only a few hours daily and only for a fraction of the year. Who teaches us what’s good, bad, ugly; what all the cool kids are doing, what’s happening a

A Short FB Exchange

 De Per something Machiavelli points out repeatedly Discourses is that liberty actually works very well, both for the ruled and the rulers, men just don't believe that, and cowardly choose tyranny, with terrible results. Tyrants are regularly slain. Just rulers tend to live quite a long time and produce great results. You just have to show the courage to accept and acknowledge there are things you can and shouldn't control.  Reply Brian Wilson <<liberty actually works very well, both for the ruled and the rulers>>  Kinda oxymoronic, isn't it? Those 'ruled' only receive the 'liberty' the 'rulers' pemit- and they 'permit' it thru Force which negates Liberty. << the courage to accept and acknowledge there are things you can't and shouldn't control. >>  Those are my decisions to make - or not - as a Free Individual enjoying Liberty, not forced upon me by the subjective standards of an imposed tyrant, good or

Name 2 Things

Here’s a little game I used to play with listeners on my talk show. The goal was to compel them to think about the Government, its size, the pervasiveness of its laws, and smothering regulations. The challenge: Name the 2 things you come in contact with every day that are not taxed, regulated, embargoed, licensed, restricted, or prohibited by the Government Invariably, the phone lines exploded! Unfortunately, the majority of callers usually misunderstood the most important part of the challenge: “…you come in contact with…”. As a result, ‘contestants’ would name “ love”, “sunrise and sunset” and similar misses. (In a tactile sense, you don’t come in contact with ‘love’ and there is Daylight Saving Time). Others would try “children”, “air”, “water” – as if kids aren’t subject to taxes, compulsory education, and a boatload of age-specific rules; air and water have their own mountain of pollution laws, water and ‘wetlands’ regulations. Invariably, there would come “sex”, “economics”, “Gov

Here Come Da Judge!

 After taking some well-deserved time off in a country you'd never guess (!), my friend and long-term partner/colleague on "Judging Freedom", Judge Andrew Napolitano, and I re-unite on his new podcast!