Sunday, May 21, 2017

Now For Something Really Different...

Despite all those decades on radio and TV (5!) and all the crazy crap I had to do for Stations to promote the show, it was always my least favorite part of the job. Idealistically, I believed the audience would come and grow "organically" if the show was good enough. Saying how great it was seemed more egotistical and less attractive.

Turns out, the shows did quite ratings-wise, thank you. Because the Station spent thousands on TV production and giveaways? Or because, from day to day, the show was just that good? Listeners would just have to work that out for themselves, if so inclined.

Now comes this book, Watercolor Memories, The Story of Lauren. The title alone should be sufficient to reveal this isn't another political screed. As noted on the back cover:

It's that old high school love story told anew: Boy meets Girl. Boy loses Girl. Boy finds Girl. But this time, it takes 15 years, two proms, college, marriage, divorce, kids, careers, over 10,000 miles, a chess-playing cop and some strange guy with a beard. Even then,  the ending is a surprise and a shock. Or maybe it isn't.

So far, all 3 or 4 people who have read it say "It's got a pretty cover".


Take a look. There's a sample page on the Amazon site. Who knows? You may get hooked enough to read all of it! If you do, when you've finished please post your unvarnished thoughts on the Amazon page. The more comments, the more chances I have of having it made into a movie!


Monday, May 8, 2017

Quote Without Comment

"My take on the "political morass" - actually "political more ass"?

Redundant. Predictable. Anathema to Liberty and Freedom. There is no area of human existence that is not in irreversible decline - except for those who never progressed past the Crusades anyway. 
The end of Western civilization as we know it is beyond salvage. Just as the laws of physics cannot be denied indefinitely, the laws of economics, human nature, and political corruption will continue until some final cataclysmic event resets the clock of human endeavor. Only this time, with the escalation of human ingenuity, we as a species have managed to progress to the point of guaranteeing our own eternal destruction. Even if such an event is avoided, the universal epidemics of aggressive ignorance, contagious apathy, and instant gratification will ensure a standard of living rivaling that of the Neanderthal - minus the unattractive skeletal manifestations.

Downer? You betcha. Yet everything to the contrary is a masturbatory fantasy to keep one distracted enough to become irretrievably lost to the reality of the times. I'm up for worthy fact-based contradictions as long as they don't rely on the Old Man In The Clouds "have faith and ye shall be saved" mythology wherein one must live in perpetual hope of some Paradise that cannot be realized until one dies. Only then do you get to see what's really behind Door #3.

Cynical? Could be - if I'm wrong; prescient if I'm correct. Frankly, I don't really give a damn either way. "On a long enough timeline, we're all dead" so the rest is just a bottomless debate. Choose not to participate and you wind up on the same side as the Winners. Or Losers.

Against this background, you might be able to appreciate my "take" on things "political" is agnostic. I can and do write, speak and argue points far less ethereal to get a paycheck for providing some small measure of intellectual entertainment - or aggravation - as the case may be. What the audience does when the show is over or the article is finished is irrelevant to me. Like it, hate it or something in-between. Ultimately we are individually responsible for what we know as well as what we decide. Everything else is a peeled balloon."

- A. Nony Mous