Saturday, July 16, 2016

Is it war or theater?

This week’s collection of horror stories about a mass killing in France and the rise of organized sniper attacks on police and civilians in the US has brought to mind the word ‘theater’.

In the classical sense, a theater of war is defined as a geographical area of land, sea, and airspace that is directly involved in war operations. In the Orwellian sense, however, the word, theater, takes on the meaning of something that is fictional and is designed to create a psychological impact on those who observe.

There can be little doubt that this second view is the correct one in terms of current events. If the carnage we are seeing were the result of a real war, the leaders of the governments under attack would be in full action to overcome the threat and destroy the enemy. They would seek out the known leaders of these violent groups (and the known financiers behind them) and put them permanently out of business. Instead, they tolerate, coddle, and even assist these people to carry out their plans.

If this were a real war, the leaders of the EU would not allow millions of so-called migrants into their borders and then protect them from prosecution for their crimes. If this were a real war, American leaders long ago would have locked up the violent organizers of militant groups like Black Lives Matter and also people like George Soros who fund them.

But it’s not a real war. It’s theater. Its purpose is to create sufficient carnage to frighten the majority into passive acceptance of a police state as the inevitable outcome.

It’s not a pretty picture, but … we need to know.

- G. Edward Griffin

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