Saturday, December 3, 2016

Which Way Do You Run?

Among the ironies in this video, people around the world view the US as the greatest threat to peace; voted three times more dangerous than any other country.

The data confirm this conclusion:

*Since WW2, Earth has had 248 armed conflicts. The US started 201 of them.

*These US-started armed attacks have killed ~30 million and counting; 90% of these deaths are innocent children, the elderly and ordinary working civilian women and men.

*The US has war-murdered more than Hitler’s Nazis.

Lie-started and Orwellian-illegal Wars of Aggression is all the evidence necessary for US military to refuse all war orders (there are no lawful orders for unlawful war), and for officers to arrest those who issue them.

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Thursday, November 10, 2016

This wasn’t an election. It was a revolution.

It’s midnight in America. The day before fifty million Americans got up and stood in front of the great iron wheel that had been grinding them down. They stood there even though the media told them it was useless. They took their stand even while all the chattering classes laughed and taunted them.

They were fathers who couldn’t feed their families anymore. They were mothers who couldn’t afford health care. They were workers whose jobs had been sold off to foreign countries. They were sons who didn’t see a future for themselves. They were daughters afraid of being murdered by the “unaccompanied minors” flooding into their towns. They took a deep breath and they stood.

They held up their hands and the great iron wheel stopped.

The Great Blue Wall crumbled. The impossible states fell one by one. Ohio. Wisconsin. Pennsylvania. Iowa. The white working class that had been overlooked and trampled on for so long got to its feet. It rose up against its oppressors and the rest of the nation, from coast to coast, rose up with it.

They fought back against their jobs being shipped overseas while their towns filled with migrants that got everything while they got nothing. They fought back against a system in which they could go to jail for a trifle while the elites could violate the law and still stroll through a presidential election. They fought back against being told that they had to watch what they say. They fought back against being held in contempt because they wanted to work for a living and take care of their families.

They fought and they won.

This wasn’t a vote. It was an uprising. Like the ordinary men chipping away at the Berlin Wall, they tore down an unnatural thing that had towered over them. And as they watched it fall, they marveled at how weak and fragile it had always been. And how much stronger they were than they had ever known.

Who were these people? They were leftovers and flyover country. They didn’t have bachelor degrees and had never set foot in a Starbucks. They were the white working class. They didn’t talk right or think right. They had the wrong ideas, the wrong clothes and the ridiculous idea that they still mattered.

They were wrong about everything. Illegal immigration? Everyone knew it was here to stay. Black Lives Matter? The new civil rights movement. Manufacturing? As dead as the dodo. Banning Muslims? What kind of bigot even thinks that way? Love wins. Marriage loses. The future belongs to the urban metrosexual and his dot com, not the guy who used to have a good job before it went to China or Mexico.

They couldn’t change anything. A thousand politicians and pundits had talked of getting them to adapt to the inevitable future. Instead they got in their pickup trucks and drove out to vote.

And they changed everything.

Barack Hussein Obama boasted that he had changed America. A billion regulations, a million immigrants, a hundred thousand lies and it was no longer your America. It was his.

He was JFK and FDR rolled into one. He told us that his version of history was right and inevitable.

And they voted and left him in the dust. They walked past him and they didn’t listen. He had come to campaign to where they still cling to their guns and their bibles. He came to plead for his legacy.

And America said, “No.”

Fifty millions Americans repudiated him. They repudiated the Obamas and the Clintons. They ignored the celebrities. They paid no attention to the media. They voted because they believed in the impossible. And their dedication made the impossible happen.

Americans were told that walls couldn’t be built and factories couldn’t be opened. That treaties couldn’t be unsigned and wars couldn’t be won. It was impossible to ban Muslim terrorists from coming to America or to deport the illegal aliens turning towns and cities into gangland territories.

It was all impossible. And fifty million Americans did the impossible. They turned the world upside down.

It’s midnight in America. CNN is weeping. MSNBC is wailing. ABC calls it a tantrum. NBC damns it. It wasn’t supposed to happen. The same machine that crushed the American people for two straight terms, the mass of government, corporations and non-profits that ran the country, was set to win.

Instead the people stood in front of the machine. They blocked it with their bodies. They went to vote even though the polls told them it was useless. They mailed in their absentee ballots even while Hillary Clinton was planning her fireworks victory celebration. They looked at the empty factories and barren farms. They drove through the early cold. They waited in line. They came home to their children to tell them that they had done their best for their future. They bet on America. And they won.

They won improbably. And they won amazingly.

They were tired of ObamaCare. They were tired of unemployment. They were tired of being lied to. They were tired of watching their sons come back in coffins to protect some Muslim country. They were tired of being called racists and homophobes. They were tired of seeing their America disappear.

And they stood up and fought back. This was their last hope. Their last chance to be heard.

Watch this video. See ten ways John Oliver destroyed Donald Trump. Here’s three ways Samantha Bee broke the internet by taunting Trump supporters. These three minutes of Stephen Colbert talking about how stupid Trump is owns the internet. Watch Madonna curse out Trump supporters. Watch Katy Perry. Watch Miley Cyrus. Watch Robert Downey Jr. Watch Beyonce campaign with Hillary. Watch. Click.

Watch fifty million Americans take back their country.

The media had the election wrong all along. This wasn’t about personalities. It was about the impersonal. It was about fifty million people whose names no one except a server will ever know fighting back. It was about the homeless woman guarding Trump’s star. It was about the lost Democrats searching for someone to represent them in Ohio and Pennsylvania. It was about the union men who nodded along when the organizers told them how to vote, but who refused to sell out their futures.

No one will ever interview all those men and women. We will never see all their faces. But they are us and we are them. They came to the aid of a nation in peril. They did what real Americans have always done. They did the impossible.

America is a nation of impossibilities. We exist because our forefathers did not take no for an answer. Not from kings or tyrants. Not from the elites who told them that it couldn’t be done.

The day when we stop being able to pull off the impossible is the day that America will cease to exist.

Today is not that day. Today fifty million Americans did the impossible.

Midnight has passed. A new day has come. And everything is about to change.

h/t Daniel Greenfield

Tuesday, October 18, 2016

A Vote for Treason

It has taken several months and a number of email dumps from Wikileaks to finally figure out what this presidential election is all about. There are only two ways to vote, for Donald Trump or for Hillary Clinton. But neither of those are what one would be voting for.

A vote for Donald Trump is a vote to resist the massive corruption of government, a vote against globalism, against "global warming" or "climate change" theology; it is a vote against media collusion and interference in politics. A vote for Donald Trump is not a vote for the person at all, that is why despite the media onslaught of negative stories about him as a person carries no weight with those who support him, because they don't support him at all, they support what he represents, which is a chance to hold Hillary Clinton responsible for her crimes and therefore all of the crooked politicians of 2012 who coerced votes out of their Republican base only to turn on them the next day.

Likewise, a vote for Hillary Clinton is a vote for a transformed America, a quasi-police state where the government intervenes in business and forces some out of business while subsidizing other businesses that could not possibly sustain themselves without massive graft and media brainwashing. All of those businesses would be held hostage to a criminal organization originating from the White House. It would be a vote to end forever the concept of individual rights. Hillary Clinton would do no less than continue the work of the Obama Administration to destroy individual rights and nearly half of the nation is in favor of just that. It would be a continued replacement of the voters who value the principles of the founding of this nation with those who have no like expectation. It is a vote for the sudden disappearance of websites like this one.

The outcome is bigger than that. The next president will likely be a true war-time president. As Vladimir Zhirinovsky claimed a vote for Hillary Clinton would be a vote for war. War with Russia may be inevitable and irrespective of the election as it seems likely that war will begin before the next president can take office. But, there is the question of who would be more likely to effectively fight that war. More than that, would our military leaders be willing to follow the orders of a criminal like Hillary Clinton running a crime organization out of Washington? Would they put their lives in jeopardy knowing the cold-blooded actions she demonstrated in Benghazi? Or, would they likely recognize that their lives meant nothing to the Commander in Chief?

So many things are now known about the media establishment and the collusion it shares with the Clinton campaign. More things are being found out every day as Wikileaks provides proof of the public perception. The people were right, there is a conspiracy to keep them uninformed and misinformed to protect Democrat politicians from facing scandals. It is clear now that there will never be a Democrat held accountable for their actions and therefore the only time Americans can expect to get anything other than abusive and criminal officeholders is if they elect a Republican.

This is where we get back to a vote for Donald Trump is nothing other than a vote for accountable leadership. A vote for Hillary Clinton is giving up on that ideal. A vote for Hillary Clinton is a vote to abolish the very principles of elected officials, because if their misdeeds can never be told and their abuses never aired, what have we? That we have so many in this nation willing to vote for Hillary tells us all we need to know about the other side, that they have already given up, that they would rather have a totalitarian system. A vote for Hillary is, in effect an act of treason.

h/t TL Davis

Monday, September 19, 2016

Banana Republic Here We Come

There is little difference remaining between the United States and a Banana Republic. What differentiated us from so many countries was our Constitution and our legal system. The Constitution prevented government from overstepping boundaries, at least for a while.

The Rule of Law meant that all citizens would have the same rights and expectations regarding how contracts and misbehavior would be treated. The freedom afforded unleashed the creativity and skills of individuals. The US did not become rich or great because it represented God’s chosen people. It became so successful because of freedom and the initiative of its people.

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Friday, September 2, 2016

Quote WIthout Comment

On saying the Pledge of Allegiance:

Sorry - I already pledged my allegiance to my Life, Liberty and Pursuit of Happiness. I have no allegiance left for a piece of brightly colored cloth and repetitive incantations lauding a Freedom destroying oligarchy trying to disguise itself as a "republic". If one sincerely believes in an omniscient, loving Supreme Being, the postulation that it somehow favors an entity so monumentally destructive should be nauseating....

Monday, August 8, 2016

Mencken again

Thought for the Daze

Morality is doing what’s right regardless of what you’re told.
Obedience is doing what you’re told regardless of what is right.

- H.L. Mencken

Saturday, August 6, 2016

Another Facebook Exchange

XXXX In my eyes he's [Johnson] the only logical choice. Just my opinion

Brian Wilson Jake Nelson "In my eyes he's the only logical choice." Actually - if you dare argue "logic" - the answer is unequivocally "don't vote at all". If you maintain you are for Libertarian "self government", then voting for a " ruler" with the power to inflict the immoral Force of Government upon you is either terminally stupid or remarkably hypocritical - but it is no way "logical". Irrespective of that, I most certainly support your right to your opinion - as untenable as it may be.

XXXX I'm not an anarchist. I simply believe that the governments only job is to protect our rights outlined in the constitution. Any step in that direction would be amazing. It would be much better than them taking our rights!!!
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Brian Wilson As recorded history has proven, It is virtually impossible for Govt to do the job you want. Acton nailed it: "Power corrupts; absolute power corrupts absolutely." Govt is nothing but the organized exercise of power. Power requires Force. While the use of Force in defense of inalienable rights may be admirable, it has never even been achieved with any permanence due to the toxic corrosion from the monopoly on Force thru Power given to Government. The quaint notion that any individual can do this thru the imagined magic of elected office is beyond "hypocrisy"; it is simply not possible. You might want to give Anarchism an thorough and objective examination. You may be surprised to find precisely what you want - in an entirely different form.

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Saturday, July 30, 2016

Thought for the Days

The persistent existence of Liberals is due to their immunity to any infection of intelligence that will cure their Aggressive Ignorance. When faced with irrefutable facts, Liberals cling to their indefensible opinions the same way they ridicule Conservatives “clinging to their guns and Bibles”. The significant difference being Conservatives are principally motivated to defend their inalienable right to Life, Liberty and Happiness. In contrast, the Liberals’ minds are in permanent lockdown, thoroughly resistant to any reasoned enlightenment that threatens their oppressive worldview of entitlement to authority and power over others into subservience through unbridled, aggressive force.

- Brian Wilson

Tuesday, July 26, 2016

Free Movie

Clinton Cash, a feature documentary based on the Peter Schweizer book, has been posted to YouTube for all to view free just in time for the DNC. Clinton Cash investigates how Bill and Hillary Clinton went from being “dead broke” after leaving the White House to amassing a net worth of over $150 million, with over $2 billion in donations to their foundation. This wealth was accumulated during Mrs. Clinton’s tenure as Secretary of State through lucrative speaking fees and contracts paid for by foreign companies and Clinton Foundation donors.

The New York Times hailed the book as “The most anticipated and feared book of a presidential cycle" while MSNBC described the documentary as devastating for the Hillary campaign.

The Clinton camp has, of course, dismissed the documentary as a right-wing smear campaign filled with unsubstantiated conspiracy theories. That said, perhaps the most shocking aspect of the release is that many of the biggest bombshells revealed in the documentary have been vetted and confirmed by various mainstream media outlets. More recently, some information uncovered in the Panama Papers has echoed some of Schweitzer’s allegations in the movie and book.

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Clinton Cash

Monday, July 25, 2016

The Doctor is In

The diagnosis is complete: the I’s have it.

Laboratory results:

America’s metastasizing societal insolvency is being led via the generational infection of the “Four I’s”: Igorance, Incompetence, Indiffernce and Indulgence evidenced by the following symptomatic warning signs:

Ignorance – The perfected result of the deliberate dumbing down of America, courtesy of the permanent parasitical partnership between Government Training Camps (public schools) and socialized Teachers Unions “where destruction of the Individual and construction of the Lemming is Job One!” Critical Thinking, Logical Reasoning and Objective Analysis not permitted; “social justice”, liberal media bias, “compensatory inequality”, “anti-social tolerance” and “Political Correctness” is practiced, corrosive and mandatory. Experts also refer to this as the new “non-invasive prefrontal lobotomy”.

Incompetence – The primary result of 12 years (minimum) of induced Ignorance (see above), aided and abetted by Helecopter Parenting, “Snowflake” Indulgence and “Safe Space” sheltering from “real world” realty; elevation of opinions over facts, feelings over thoughts, absent marketable skills, long on “entitlements” and imagined “rights”.

Indifference – (aka Attitudinal Apathy). Combined with Incompetence and Ignorance (above), behaivior resulting in the belief in being free of any personal responsbility or obligation not specifically self-centered. When combined with Indulgence (below), results in poor work performance, poor interpersonal conduct, confrontational communication and immunity to any occupational discipline or social limitations.

Indulgence – Absence and rejection of any moral compass; self-induced narcissism, bloated egocentrism, civil behavioral limitations based solely on personal preferences and selective application of self-defined, self-assumed “values” not reflective of anything currently recognized as “civil”.

Experts say a cure was possible, however MGI (Malignant Governmental Interference), a side effect of Cultural Malaise, eliminated hope for salvation of the majority of those infected. Future generations could only be immunized if the missing essential elements that contributed to the current epidemic are cultivated and distributed in mass quantities. Unfortunately, they say, such production can only come at the hands of those not already infected and those numbers are too small to be remotely effective.

Put more simply: We’re doomed.

Thursday, July 21, 2016

Couple questions, Judge

Anyone following this site likely knows of my long-standing professional and personal friendship with FOX News Senior Judicial Analyst, Judge Andrew Napolitano. We recently enjoyed a celebratory dinner toasting 4 years of "Judging Freedom", a podcast that has appeared on this and several other web sites. Today (7/21/16), the Judge published one of his popular "Socratic" pieces in which he poses questions that have answers that are - or should be - obvious to anyone paying attention regarding the recent inaction of the FBI and DOJ to indict former SoS Hillary Clinton. According to FBI Director Comey's own testimony, there was ample evidence to do so.

First, read the Judge's piece here.

Then consider this note I wrote to my friend:

Nice piece, Judge. Couple questions.
Where is the vaunted integrity of FBI Director Comey? What possible repercussions other than getting fired would he suffer if he came forward with what he really knows? Similarly, where is the integrity of just two of the 150(alleged) FBI agents who reportedly worked this investigation and could step up with the concealed facts ? Where are the mass resignations of FBI agents you suggested would almost surely occur if Clinton wasn’t indicted – Director Comey’s among them? Where is the integrity of the “dozen members of Congress” who were privy to Clinton’s secret Libyan war plans? Who might be among that “dozen”? You wrote:

"What if Hillary Clinton has engaged in espionage and public corruption and FBI agents know that she has? What if they have evidence to prove it but they could not present anything to a grand jury because President Obama wants Clinton, and not Donald Trump, to succeed him in office?"

Just what is the obligation of an FBI agent to step forward with such evidence? Hasn't he sworn an oath to uphold and defend the Constitution? If his immediate superiors are corrupt and guilty of “blatant political interference”, does the Agent have no alternative course of action? What about the “Grand Jury of Public Opinion”? Wouldn’t a public uproar motivate Congress to act in some decisive manner?

You asked “What do we do about it”? Other than the suggestions above, where do the people go for learned guidance?

Saturday, July 16, 2016

Is it war or theater?

This week’s collection of horror stories about a mass killing in France and the rise of organized sniper attacks on police and civilians in the US has brought to mind the word ‘theater’.

In the classical sense, a theater of war is defined as a geographical area of land, sea, and airspace that is directly involved in war operations. In the Orwellian sense, however, the word, theater, takes on the meaning of something that is fictional and is designed to create a psychological impact on those who observe.

There can be little doubt that this second view is the correct one in terms of current events. If the carnage we are seeing were the result of a real war, the leaders of the governments under attack would be in full action to overcome the threat and destroy the enemy. They would seek out the known leaders of these violent groups (and the known financiers behind them) and put them permanently out of business. Instead, they tolerate, coddle, and even assist these people to carry out their plans.

If this were a real war, the leaders of the EU would not allow millions of so-called migrants into their borders and then protect them from prosecution for their crimes. If this were a real war, American leaders long ago would have locked up the violent organizers of militant groups like Black Lives Matter and also people like George Soros who fund them.

But it’s not a real war. It’s theater. Its purpose is to create sufficient carnage to frighten the majority into passive acceptance of a police state as the inevitable outcome.

It’s not a pretty picture, but … we need to know.

- G. Edward Griffin

Friday, July 15, 2016

The End is Near-er

Pull quote:

"Being wealthy used to be a virtue worthy of widespread aspiration.

Now it’s met with skepticism and derision.

Similarly, intellectual dissent used to be embraced.

Now it’s increasingly considered “hate speech” that must be banished from university campuses and their infantile ‘safe spaces’.

And the entire west, it seems, is moving towards an ever-expanding, fiscally unsustainable welfare statethat creates swelling masses of dependents.

This is a complete breakdown of western values, and that has serious consequences."

Entire article: Click here...

Sunday, July 10, 2016

Consent of the Governed?

Mr. Higgs eloquently expands on one of my previous posts.

What gives some people the right to rule others? At least since John Locke’s time, the most common and seemingly compelling answer has been “the consent of the governed.” When the North American revolutionaries set out to justify their secession from the British Empire, they declared, among other things: “Governments are instituted among Men, deriving their just Powers from the Consent of the Governed.” This sounds good, especially if one doesn’t think about it very hard or very long, but the harder and longer one thinks about it, the more problematic it becomes.

One question after another comes to mind. Must every person consent? If not, how many must, and what options do those who do not consent have? What form must the consent take ― verbal, written, explicit, implicit? If implicit, how is it to be registered? Given that the composition of society is constantly changing, owing to births, deaths, and international migration, how often must the rulers confirm that they retain the consent of the governed? And so on and on. Political legitimacy, it would appear, presents a multitude of difficulties when we move from the realm of theoretical abstraction to that of practical realization.

I raise this question because in regard to the so-called social contract, I have often had occasion to protest that I haven’t even seen the contract, much less been asked to consent to it. A valid contract requires voluntary offer, acceptance, and consideration. I’ve never received an offer from my rulers, so I certainly have not accepted one; and rather than consideration, I have received nothing but contempt from the rulers, who, notwithstanding the absence of any agreement, have indubitably threatened me with grave harm in the event that I fail to comply with their edicts. What monumental effrontery these people exhibit! What gives them the right to rob me and push me around? It certainly is not my desire to be a sheep for them to shear or slaughter as they deem expedient for the attainment of their own ends.

Moreover, when we flesh out the idea of “consent of the governed” in realistic detail, the whole notion quickly becomes utterly preposterous. Just consider how it would work. A would-be ruler approaches you and offers a contract for your approval. Here, says he, is the deal.

Monday, June 27, 2016

The Black Visa

I have arrived!

None other than Mariana Kissam, Director, Customer Experience sent me a personal invitation to apply for the Visa Black Card!

This is a Very. Big. Deal.

First off, the Visa Black card is made of stainless steel and issued by Barclays Bank and Financial Services Company, London, United Kingdom, Earth.

By becoming a Cardmember today I will enjoy exclusive privileges -Exclusive Privileges! - Such as an industry-leading rewards program, 24 hour concierge service, VIP treatment at over 3000 hotels, resorts and villas around the world, VIP airport lounge access, Members Only Luxury Magazine and luxury gifts from the world’s Top Brands!

For this boatload of exclusive special privileges, my annual fee will be a token $ 495 (USD).

Miss Kissam was kind enough to enclose a postage-paid quick form application for me! Of course, I could apply online or by calling the exclusive toll-free number!

Is this great or what?

But wait! There’s more!

As soon as I calm down and apply to become a cardmember, I earn 25,000 bonus points! How? By spending 1500 dollars! On eligible purchases! Within 90 days of opening the account! (Of course I must check out the enclosed terms and conditions and reward program rules for information about the rates, fees, annual fee, cost, and the bonus point offer).

But hey! That’s reasonable.

And here’s Da Bomb!Those 25,000 bonus points are enough to redeem a whopping 500 dollars! Toward airline travel

This is so cool! Just spent 1500 dollars on eligible stuff in 90 days and get 500 dollars back toward airline travel! As we say in radio: Wow! What a deal!

Miss Kissam - I think I can call her Mariana now – also included a small booklet,” Luxury Without Limits”.

This was just Too Cool for School!

This “Luxury Without Limits” booklet essentially re-told me everything the Invitation Letter told me only with a bunch of color pictures of airplanes and sunglasses, the New York City skyline and a foxy lady with a headset on. Hmmmm… could this be Mariana? What a hottie!

The LWL booklet goes on to tell me again how the Black Card is made of stainless steel, constructed with a patented carbon hybrid back. The US patent numbers are even included!


Let’s see… More pictures… the part about the airport lounge…. members only LUXURY Magazine and as a token of their appreciation for being a loyal cardmember, I’ll receive “luxury gifts from some of the world’s top brands throughout the course of your membership. It just doesn’t stop!

Wait! Here is the Terms and Conditions page…. Yikes! 14.99% APR for Purchases… 25.24% for Cash Advances…. the penalty APR 27.24% is based on your “credit worthiness”. Hmmm…. This APR may be applied to my account if I make a late payment!

Well, that’s not very friendly!

And here it says “the Penalty APR may apply indefinitely”!


Ya know, the more I look at this it reminds me of the time American Express sent me a Platinum Card back when they first came out circa 1980. This was supposed to be a free upgrade from my puny Gold American Express Card. The very expensive literature also went on and on about all the special and exclusive features I would enjoy carrying this new status symbol. Hotels, restaurants, airlines, car rental agencies would all snap to attention to provide me with the superior service I so richly deserved just by carrying the American Express Platinum Card and, of course, paying the $500 annual fee for the privilege. What always puzzled me was how would anyone even know I had the Platinum Card? Whipping it out to pay for an expensive but lousy dinner at an exclusive restaurant with piss-poor service was not likely to get me a free re-run done perfectly this time with a more professional, deferential waiter providing that expert attention I so richly deserved mpw that they knew I had the AMEX Platinum Card. Wouldn’t they need to know in advance I had the card and not just some Neanderthal with Visa?

The airline reservations clerk or the local travel agent was not likely to do anything special after I’ve given my Platinum Amex OR Black VISA card number over the phone, even if I just booked a first-class round-trip ticket to Hong Kong. Maybe if I’d say “Here is my BLACK VISA card number….”. Had I paid with a plain old green American Express card or a plain old MasterCard or a plain old Visa card or a plain old Diners Club card or a plain old Discover card or how about Texaco or Sears? Anything beyond “thank you very much for your business” was highly improbable. Still, the Luxury Without Limits brochure tells me in no uncertain terms “cardmember’s experience the highest caliber of personal service with Black Card concierge… An effective time management tool designed to improve quality of life, allowing you to focus on what is truly important.” Oh – so it’s only at the Black Card concierge all this butt kissing takes place!

Got it!

I’d be more impressed if Barclays Bank and Visa would be concerned with how I handled my discretionary funds economically. Trying to convince me that by having the Black Visa card "made of stainless steel" is going to get me special treatment at better rates by starting me out $495 in the hole just to carry the card around is naïve, monumentally irresponsible ego appeal.

On the back of the Luxury Without Limits brochure it reads “The World Awaits”.

I’ll bet it does. But the world shouldn’t have to wait long; PT Barnum said “There’s one born every minute.”

Friday, June 17, 2016

FBI lies

Note: The author, Hugh Turley, is one of the 3 leading experts on the Vince Foster murder. We became friends while I was hosting a talk show on DC's WWRC. Since the earliest news reports, Hugh, "confidential informant" Patrick Knowlton and attorney John H. Clarke, have diligently followed and exposed every aspect of the murder, including the failures, harassment and duplicity of Park Police, FBI, coroners, forensic "experts", Senators, Congressmen, reporters and the news media. While sordid and convoluted, their combined diligence resulted in revelations and vindications. However, with insufficient media exposure and a surplus of public apathy, this heinous crime, the perpetrators and a united government-media cover-up hiding in plane sight, remains a criminal obfuscation of the truth to this day.
Brian Wilson 
"The cover-up of the murder of a White House official is a crime against society and the American people. The cover-up of the murder of Vince Foster should concern both Democrats and Republicans... 
 The proof of the cover-up is found in Ken Starr’s report on the death of Vince Foster. The U.S. Court of Appeals that appointed Starr ordered him to include evidence of the cover-up, over his objection, in his own report, as an appendix. It is stated in the appendix to the report, “the FBI concealed the true facts surrounding Mr. Foster’s death” and “the FBI obstructed justice in this matter.”
The news of this historic appendix to the Independent Counsel’s report has been suppressed by the news media since 1997 when it was made public. It is available at university libraries and online"

About Orlando...

"The reality is that terrorist attacks of small and medium scale are likely to become a monthly or weekly occurrence in the U.S. and the EU as we close in on the end of the year. Get used to the idea, because this problem is not going to go away while our own governments are aiding and even funding the very psychopaths that they are supposed to be protecting people from."

Wednesday, June 15, 2016

Thought for the Day

Power does not self-generate. It is the toxic amalgam of a strain of deleterious human failings. Government itself is the manifestation of immoral force administered by liars, thieves and sociopaths. At best, it is the pavement of good intentions. If power doesn't corrupt, why has their never been an uncorrupted government? Since Government is merely a magnet for the socially reprehensible and criminally insane, sane people should be rejecting nonsense like "elections" and working instead to dispel any form of "government" - for their own safety and welfare.

Saturday, June 4, 2016

On a historical note...

We already have a law banning any one who really doesn't intend to follow the American way of life and our laws that have been in place since 1952.

Doesn't anyone in Washington know this?

Here's an interesting historic fact that would seem to indicate that many, if not most, of the people we elect to go to Washington don't have the slightest idea of what laws already exist. It's been law for over 60 years...!

Interesting Bit of Legislative History: MacCarran Walter Act of 1952

Donald Trump was recently severely criticized for suggesting that the U.S. should limit or temporarily suspend the immigration of certain ethnic groups, nationalities, and even people of certain religions (Muslims). The criticisms condemned such a suggestion as, among other things, being “Un-American,” dumb, stupid, reckless, dangerous, and racist. Congressmen and Senators swore that they would never allow such legislation, and the president called such a prohibition on immigration unconstitutional.

As Gomer Pyle would say, “Surprise, Surprise !” It seems that the selective immigration ban is already law and has been applied on several occasions. Known as the McCarran Walter Act, the Immigration and Nationality Act of 1952 allows for the "Suspension of entry or imposition of restrictions by president. Whenever the president finds that the entry of aliens or of any class of aliens into the United States would be detrimental to the interests of the United States, the president may, by proclamation, and for such period as he shall deem necessary, suspend the entry of all aliens or any class of aliens as immigrants or non-immigrants or impose on the entry of aliens any restrictions he may deem to be appropriate.”

The act was utilized by Jimmy Carter, no less, in 1979 to keep Iranians out of the United States, but he actually did more. He made all Iranian students already here check in, and then he deported a bunch. Seven thousand were found in violation of their visas, 15,000 Iranians were forced to leave the United States in 1979.

It is of note that the act requires that an applicant for immigration must be of good moral character and "attached to the principles of the Constitution.”

Since the Quran forbids Muslims to swear allegiance to the U.S. Constitution, technically, all Muslims should be refused immigration.


Authenticated at:

Immigration and Nationality Act of 1952

US immigration legislation online: 1952 Immigration and Nationality Act, a.k.a. the McCarran-Walter Act (An act to revise the laws relating to immigration..)

Immigration and Nationality Act of 1952 US immigration legislation online : 1952 Immigration and Nationality Act, a.k.a. the McCarran-Walter Act (An act to revise the laws relating to immigration ...

Tuesday, May 31, 2016

The Cult of Ignorance

We have fallen into the bad and unquestioned habit of thinking that our educational system is broken, but it is working on all cylinders. What our educational system aims to produce is cultural amnesia, a wholesale lack of curiosity, history-less free agents, and educational goals composed of content-free processes and unexamined buzz-words like "critical thinking," "diversity," "ways of knowing," "social justice," and "cultural competence."

A most excellent article. Read it here.

Monday, May 23, 2016


 Free people are not equal.  Equal people are not free.  (Think this one over and over…makes sense!)      

"A gun is like a parachute.  If you need one, and don't have one, you'll probably never need one again."  

The definition of the word Conundrum is: something that is puzzling or confusing.  

Here are six Conundrums of socialism in the United States of America :    

1. America is capitalist and greedy - yet half of the population is subsidized.      

2. Half of the population is subsidized - yet they think they are victims.      

3. They think they are victims - yet their representatives run the government.      

4. Their representatives run the government - yet the poor keep getting poorer.      

5. The poor keep getting poorer - yet they have things that people in other countries only dream about.      

6. They have things that people in other countries only dream about - yet they want America to be more like those other countries.      

Think about it! And that, my friends, pretty much sums up the USA in the 21st Century.      Makes you wonder who is doing the math.      

    These three short sentences tell you a lot about the direction of our current government and cultural environment:      

1. We are advised to NOT judge ALL Muslims by the actions of a few lunatics, but we are encouraged to judge ALL gun owners by the actions of a few lunatics.      

Funny how that works.  And here's another one worth considering…      

2. Seems we constantly hear about how Social Security is going to run out of money. But we never hear about welfare or food stamps running out of money   !     What's interesting is the first group "worked for" their money, but the second didn't.      

Think about it.....and Last but not least   :      

3. Why are we cutting benefits for our veterans, no pay raises for our military and cutting our army to a level lower than before WWII, but we are not stopping or even cutting the payments or benefits to illegal aliens.  

Am I the only one missing something?  

Waddy Moffets

"If you do not take an interest in the affairs of your government, then you are doomed to live under the rule of fools." – Plato  

Thursday, May 19, 2016

Going To The Bathroom

My guess is that Donald doesn't use all that many public toilets, but if he thinks there has been so little trouble so far, just wait. We all may be wading in it to our ankles soon enough.

Donald, like many of us, may not embrace the idea of discretionary restrooms and showers, but we tend to give people the benefit of the doubt. The reality of our situation is however different from our idealized perceptions. What was a rare occurrence will now become demonstrable, just as we have seen with most of these type issues. They will be lining up to see exactly how far they can push this. It is not about tolerance or even acceptance. It is about forced capitulation, a demand that we surrender our values for theirs...under penalty of law.

Europeans were proud in their values of tolerance and acceptance and obviously bent over backwards to not only accommodate extremely diverse cultures, but embrace them. In return they now find their good will as an on ramp for immigrants to flood into their countries and demand not only acceptance or even embrace, but dominion over their hosts.

This is why the world has not evolved into an empathetic and loving world, but one of suspicion and distrust of those who do not share their values. In a real world no one wants to be equal. They will say they do if they perceive they are less than equal, but equality is never enough. Species seek dominion over their surroundings and especially those they see as competitors. This is what we call "racism", and it exists for a reason. Real racism is the belief that your kind are superior to others and while many will see this as hatefully, it is also demonstrably true in many cases for many factors. If we win a race, we feel superior and have proven it so, but this doesn't mean we want those whom we just outran dead or enslaved. Progressives use the term racism to infer that one group wants to do another harm when in reality most do not. They simply want to succeed, and will resist and work to defeat those who they see as deterring that success. Cells of our body that resist the invasion of foreign cells are racist in nature. They actually put their welfare ahead of others. The ultimate hate crime. And to think I wouldn't want a 200lb man with a boner in my daughter's school shower. What a hater I am!

Wednesday, May 18, 2016

A Year Later (Review)

(Originally published: March 4, 2015)

Slouching Toward Extinction

With all the Cheers and Jeers of C-PAC 2015 fading into Yesterday’s News, let us carpe the diem to add to the growing list of oxymoronic fantasies in desperate need of extinction, a term heard early and often whenever conservatives and libertarians congregate: “Limited Government”. Like “settled science”, the Tooth Fairy and Honest Politicians, not only is there no such thing, there never has been.

The utter nonsense that a piece of parchment, even inscribed with swell ideas, can successfully “limit” the Leviathan, i.e. Big Government has been proven ludicrous for 226 years; considerably longer if we include all recorded human history. Like Shelley’s Dr. Frankenstein, the Bush and Obama administrations brought to life Government as “a dangerous servant and a fearful master.” Constitutional “protection” of our natural rights from Government trampling has morphed from an American ideal fortified by the Rule of Law into a Bad Joke inflicted by the increasing immorality inherent in the leaders of a crumbling empire; a tragedy being acted out in the daily news to an audience that only craves bread and circuses. And cute Budweiser commercials.

Monday, April 18, 2016

How it happened...

I was not born an anarchist. Like everyone else of my time and place I was born into a culture pervaded by statism and unquestioning acceptance of the state’s existence and of most if not all of its activities, including, of course, its blessed wars. I did not become an anarchist later because of an encounter, whether personal or literary, in which I suddenly saw the light. I had no Pauline road-to-Damascus experience. Instead, anarchism crept up on me, almost against my will, because I understood full-well that adopting such an ideology would entail my colleague’s, friends’, and relatives’ consignment of me to the lunatic fringe. Besides, as a well-trained social scientist, I was familiar with a variety of objections and challenges to anarchism having to do with both its desirability and its feasibility.
Eventually, however, little by little I seamlessly made the transition to anarchism as my adopted ideology, completing my journey perhaps fifteen or twenty years ago. This outcome occurred not because I had found leading expositions of the doctrine compelling. I had read Murray Rothbard’s “For a New Liberty” and David Friedman’s “The Machinery of Freedom," but neither persuaded me to make the leap. Nor did any of the other works along similar lines that I read. I understood, of course, that states perform many actions that they ought not to perform and that they perform actions that might be desirable very badly – after all, economic history and political economy were my research and teaching specialties. But, for me, concluding that states ought not to exist at all required a more compelling reason.
What finally pushed me over the brink had little to do with pondering the glories that had sprung or someday might spring from the operation of a stateless social order. I was not so much drawn to statelessness as I was revolted by the state. After decades of dealing with, researching, writing about, and consulting in regard to the state, learning more and more about what states actually do and how they actually do it, I was completely disgusted by the putrid pretense of their foundational justifications, by the sheer fraudulence of what they purport to be doing and how they purport to be doing it, by the moral impudence with which state leaders and functionaries treat the human beings subject to their control as if those persons were nothing but soft clay figurines to be squeezed into new shapes and pushed here and there on the state’s chess board. Most of all, I was repelled by the psychotic, steely-eyed indifference with which state leaders and functionaries slaughter innocent people abroad by the millions and ruin the lives of their own subjects by the scores of millions for no decent reason whatsoever (e.g., the war on drugs).
Yes, I came to understand why state activities so generally fail to achieve their ostensible objectives but, more important, I also came to understand that the ostensible objectives are generally mere window dressing for the actual objectives the state leaders and their chief supporters and running dogs seek, which boil down in nearly all cases to transferring enormous amounts of income and wealth to persons the state favors and to bullying nearly everyone outside the state’s inner sanctum for the simple pleasure of pushing them around. Having repeatedly opened up the cesspool that is the state and witnessed its stinking contents, I no longer wanted anything to do with it, and my allegiance to it evaporated once and for all.
None of this matters in the least so far as the state’s devotion to taxing and bullying me is concerned. But I take some solace in the fact that however subject my body and my bank account may be to the dictates of the evil creatures who preside over the vile institutions that form the state, my soul no longer belongs to them. I wish they would resign, make all feasible restitution to those they have wronged, and seek honest employment, but until they do so, they can, so far as I care, go straight to hell.

h/t R. Higgs

Tuesday, April 5, 2016

Quotes From Other Folks Vol.7

Presenting the latest crop of quotes harvested from free range Internet denizens on Facebook, Twitter, blogs and Social Media. From the Righteous to the Ridiculous, Insightful to Insane, Visionary to Myopic and Genius to Jerk, prepare to be appalled, amazed and amused. You might even see one of yours….!

Quote of the Week:

Luck ‏- Twitter
Feel bad for the #UNC Seniors. Leaving without both a championship or literacy skills.

And these…

You can't argue or debate with ignorance. Ann Nonnymus

If that is what passes for your “thinking”, you are indeed a weapon of self- destruction. – BW - FB

The blatherings of John Kasich could make an onion cry.
Buttocks Awry - FB

Getting University Types with Impressive Initials attached to their names to write brainy-sounding endorsements, objections, rationalizations in support of one side or the other is one of the oldest trysts in the book. BW - FB

Conservative, n: A statesman who is enamored of existing evils, as distinguished from the Liberal who wishes to replace them with others. Ambrose Bierce

The morbid obesity of your naiveté constricts the circulation necessary to think. BW-FB

.."life" does not require professional healthcare, as proven by millions of years of evolution. "liberty" does not require government mandates to buy things I don't want. "happiness" is being able to make my own decisions for myself, not have them dictated by government panels determining how much (or if) to spend on my healthcare. LNS

America does not have a voter ID problem it has a voter IQ problem.

John Kasich - smartest man in the room…if he is the only one is in the room.

Sunday, March 20, 2016

The Picture Is Coming Into Focus

From my blog entry Dec. 29, 2015 “2016 Predictions”:

My third prediction is we will not have an election next year. Between New Year’s Day and Election Day, the president will declare martial law. With the Constitution suspended, the presidential election will be on hold until further notice.

– Observing Obama through the campaign and into his administration, it quickly became obvious - to me anyway, this is a guy who wants to be Emperor, a King, Dictator for life. He was going to have to be dragged him out kicking and screaming - or carried out feet first. Whatever the case, he does not intend to go gently into that Good Night of former president-hood.

How will this happen?

Well, that was a problem. It takes a lotta guts, an absence of brains or an abundance of concern for the future of Freedom to make public predictions that not just challenge the popular narrative but even contradict the current paradigm. Look what happened to otherwise admired, intelligent people who didn’t swallow the Kennedy Assassination, Vince Foster’s “suicide”, TWA Flt 800, the Obama “birth certificate”, 9/11, Benghazi – all summarily lumped in with Big Foot, Roswell and Michelle Is A Man.

Playing Soothsayer, I couldn’t see a clear, definitive “pathway” at the time but current events this past week have now provided a basis for solid conjecture. Indeed, that’s all it can be until I get some new tea leaves or the parts come in for my malfunctioning crystal ball. So here goes:

In the non-stop Punditry Analysis of the Trump phenom, Anger has been tagged as the prime culprit. Turns out – for a change – the Talking Heads and Blow-Dried Set got it right. The anger at all levels of American society is so deep, so white-hot along with the fear of losing Pensions and Government Freebies to saving the Establishment Suite on the “DC-Wall St” Gravy Train, it has and will continue to produce greater anger, fear and panic. This will inexorably lead to more violent confrontations between the camps: Trump’s “Army”, People for Bernie (complete with Soros/MoveOn financing), Hillary’s Special Forces of Favored Minorities (BLM/New Black Panthers, LGBTs and other Victims Groups). After shutting down a big Trump Chicago rally, various groups are currently preparing for a summer of confrontations, sit-ins in Congress and other fun stuff from DC to Philly to NYC to Cleveland and dense population centers in-between.

This would not be difficult to pull off. On all sides, “the people” are mega-pissed at the Establishment and/or “the System” rigged against them. Listen to the in-your-face condescension dripping from Curly Haugland, RNC Committee member and GOP Establishment Big Wig telling everyone their vote doesn’t count for squat, that they,the RNC that makes the rules say who the Nominee will be, not you naïve, misinformed schlubs voters: (MSNBC). More fuel: Trump/Cruz Vow To Barricade Kasaich From Convention.

No need to list the cornucopia of flash points littering the American political landscape, just remember that old Lay’s potato chip ad: “Bet you can’t eat just one.” In this metaphor, with instant communications via InstaGrams, Twitters and Tweets, Facebook, the whole matrix of the Social Media mélange, it doesn’t take a Steven King imagination to come up with “just one”; many more destructive scenarios easily come to mind.

And when good old roughhouse “ruckus” morphs into financially fueled co-ordinated “chaos”, it’s just a matter of nanoseconds before the gunplay begins.

Conbsider: After a tumultuous GOP Convention, confrontations will have become so wide-spread, frequent and increasingly violent, Obama will appear on prime time TV to announce he cannot permit Election Day to take place as Constitutionally required. Voting places would likely be scenes of carnage and destruction, “veritable war zones”. What’s a President to do? Declare Martial Law and the Suspension of the Constitution. Just for a little while, you see….until “things” (and those Republican ruffians) calm down, law and order is restored, a “sensible” GOP candidate is put forth and a new Election Day scheduled…of course, these are uncharted waters…it could more time than anticipated because…well…you know how “they” are…So I will Do The Right Thing…for our children, for our National Security, for America….

Not possible! Why not? Because this is America! Because nothing like this has happened here before! Because the Government wouldn’t allo….

And they said Trump wouldn’t win either.

Check some of that American History not being taught in the Government Training Camps called “public schools”. Then get back to me…

The Blood-Drenched Monster

"One cannot love what America once was and love what it has become. A revolution, peaceful or otherwise, that does not put America’s redemption at the forefront of its aspirations is a revolution not worth fighting."

Why not?

Read the Excellent Robert Gore piece here

Thursday, March 17, 2016

Quotes From Other Folks - Vol 5

Presenting the latest crop of quotes harvested from free range Internet denizens on Facebook, Twitter, blogs and the jungle of Social Media. From the Righteous to the Ridiculous, Insightful to Insane, Visionary to Myopic and Genius to Jerk, prepare to be appalled, amazed and amused. You might even see one of yours….!

Quote of the Week

"America is at that awkward stage. It's too late to work within the system, but too early to shoot the bastards." -- Claire Wolfe

And these…

You did not lose an hour of sleep last night. Bernie Sanders took it and gave it to someone who needed it more than you. FB Meme

Those who make peaceful revolution impossible will make violent revolution inevitable. - JFK

Well I spent about 5 hours with Trumpsters and anit trumpsters. I never didn find anyone who really knew anything about Trump or why they liked him. The anti Trump Blacks matter folks were dumb as that pile of horse shit I interviewed. All in all I feel a deep sense of "Oh shit the country is fucked" feeling. The trumpsters just love him and haven't a clue why. Craig Henne FB

The United States engaged in the War on Drugs for the same reason it passed Alcohol Prohibition—to save people from themselves. However, people still used intoxicants anyway. When these substances were purchased on the black market, people paid the ultimate price when they died from bathtub gin or adulterated drugs. Mary Ruwart, PhD – RUWART.COM/FB

I look around my own average, ordinary neighborhood of people going about their average, ordinary businesses. And I see solid people with good sense who could be counted on. I see a nurse and a volunteer fireman. I see people with food pantries and generators. I see people with multiple firearms. But also people with abundant connections in local leadership and the local supply line. I see people who keep their mouths shut, but also share important matters in common....I don’t know when, where, or even whether another “Lexington moment” will come to this country. But I do know that these people don’t need anybody to groom and recruit them. Clair Wolfe, Living Freedom blog

“There is a cult of ignorance in the United States, and there has always been. The strain of anti-intellectualism has been a constant thread winding its way through our political and cultural life, nurtured by the false notion that democracy means that “my ignorance is just as good as your knowledge.” – Isaac Asimov

Thursday, March 3, 2016

The Evil of Two Lessers

A flogger for Glenn Beck’s The Blaze, Matt Walsh, unsurprisingly makes his case against voting for Trump by reminding readers of all the names he’s called him over the last few months: 

…a conman, a tyrant, a pathological liar, a flamboyant despot, a fraudster, a big government liberal, progressive in a very poorly fitting and unconvincing conservative costume, a Planned Parenthood apologist, an unrepentant philanderer, a crook, a creep, a fascist with a spray tan, a reality TV Mussolini, a Caligula with bad hair, etc.” 

While there may be accurate charges folded in among the ad homonyms, calling someone names exposes an adolescent weakness in most any argument.Wardrobe, spray tan, bad hair, have nothing to do Governance or political arguments. It feels good - but lowers Walsh to the Trump level he excoriates. Why? Trump loses on enough points so as to make his tailor,barber and cosmetologist irrelevant. Cheap shots turn a shotgun into a water pistol. 

There is another fatal flaw in Walsh’s piece: 

"I have found no reason to believe that Trump would be better than Hillary Clinton. They are practically the same, which is why they’ve been such close friends for so long. They are both reflexive liars. They are both clinical narcissists. They are both power hungry lunatics. They are both ruthless pragmatists who care only about increasing their own authority, not advancing any idea or ideology. They both adopt the ideology that suits them for the moment, and drop it just as quickly." 

Generally, I agree – although Trump’s lack of ‘political speak” might be responsible for much of his Loose Cannon policy rhetoric. Or not. The notion that Trump planned all this out, scripted and choreographed to the last Put Down is not credible. If he did work it all in advance, he is a strategic genius, tapping into the seething rage that has raised the blood pressure of the Average Joe to uninsurable levels. And brought them to the polls. 

Irrespective of the above, the factual flaw is one of Logic in Walsh’s statement: 

I have found no reason to believe that Trump would be better than Hillary Clinton. 

And the point is….? If “the lesser of 2 evils is still evil”, might it be worthwhile to examine the content and extent of each “evil”? 

For all of Trump’s negatives that have offended Mr. Walsh and others, in a head-to-head match up with Clinton, one could correctly state: 

Trump did not oversee the murderous Benghazi incident; 

Trump did not violate Federal law and Oath of Office installing a “personal server”, exposing State secrets to enemies’ eyes; 

Trump may not make an excellent pick to replace Justice Scalia – but Clinton will absolutely not select an uncompromising Constitutional hard-liner guaranteed. The Trump campaign is rumored to have recently referenced Judge Andrew Napolitano as “first choice”. Ys, it’s just a rumor – but not one you’ll hear from the Clinton camp. 

Sure, Trump may have some soiled laundry in his baggage relating to business deals along the way. But at least he acknowledged them and in context. In the course of Business at that level, such maneuvers are done, regardless of party affiliation. Remember: it was politicians that put the legal framework in place. What is suddenly immoral about a businessman taking advantage of it? Check out the machinations of the Clinton Foundation (if you can), Whitewater, the Rose Law firm, the “bimbo eruptions” interference enabling her porch dog husband to destroy the lives of the very women she claims to serve and protect. And don’t pass up a review of the murder of Vince Foster. At least Trump’s corporate bankruptcies fell within legal parameters. The violations of law and trust committed inside the Logic Free Zone by Clinton, Inc makes Trump look like the proverbial choir boy. 

At bottom, no politician is free from “evil”; it’s part of the job description. The sanctimonious blathering of conservative pundits with some unmentioned ax to grind reveals a naiveté practiced by the GOP Faithful every election cycle. Liberals know Politics is a full contact sport and play it to the hilt with no shame. Conservatives of all stripes treat Politics the way Victorians treated sex.They want a Messiah who make all the changes they want without getting their hands dirty or being ridiculed in the press. No Messiah available? Then fueled by the frustration ,anger and embarrassment of the last 50 years, being hammered by Liberals and their media and lied to by their own elected officials, they now have the Biggest Badass on the podium to get their licks in after being misled and misrepresented by a Republican “establishment” grown comfy-cozy in its flaccid state of inaction. Is this any way to govern? Hell, no – but who cares? “We’ll get our licks in and talk Kumbaya later.” 

Trump may have all the warts Walsh claims but Hillary is the Democrats’ “Dorian Grey” with a track record anyone paying attention over the last 20+ years has witnessed in living, putrid color. 

Since Walsh “…found no reason to believe that Trump would be better than Hillary Clinton”, apparently he found no reason to believe that Trump would be worse. But Hillary, in word, deed and resume, has proven she would be a lot worse, with 4-8 yrs of another Clinton administration populated by the worst scum in the Washington swamp. 

PS – Contrary to the likely impression left above, I am not a “Trump supporter”. I have written about my personal presidential choice here.